North West & Penelope Disick Play Kylie & Kendall

In-between snaps of her luscious lips and #OOTD, Kylie Jenner gave us another precious Instagram today. We now present the newest reality show we will definitely watch on any platform: "Little Kylie & Kendall." The lead roles will be performed for you by North West and Penelope Disick. Ratings are probably already shooting through the roof and someone's got to be on the phone figuring out how to sell this. Ryan Seacrest, you must have some more free time on your hands.

Little Kylie & Kendall. This is the cutest thing ever 😫

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What are "Kylie" and "Kendall" transporting through the house in those backpacks? Why is "Kendall" escaping "Kylie" via scooter? Wait, maybe they're running away from the cameras so they can play make-believe without us peering in. Nah, they're natural-born stars. The next episode better come soon.

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