A Massive Fight With Katherine Heigl Inspired This Song

When most couples have rifts, they forgive and move on. Songwriter and singer Josh Kelley, however, uses his fights with wife Katherine Heigl as fuel for his music. "It's Your Move" is Kelley's first single in five years and he boldly told People that Heigl inspired the stirring ballad. "That song was born out of a very big fight that me and my wife got in very early on in our marriage," the 36-year-old said. "It was one of those fights where you have a choice whether you're going to stay in that story or not." The couple decided to work through the conflict, though the actress said it wasn't easy. "No one cheated, no one did anything that was an absolute game-ender," Heigl told Entertainment Tonight. "It was just that we were starting to forget that we were supposed to be on each other's sides...And I won't lie, there was probably a little bit too much drinking going on; so then, the fights escalate and the miscommunication and the hurt feelings." The gripping song also helped Heigl realize that her hubby communicates best through music. "He came home and played [the song] for me and I went, 'Oh, that's how you feel. That's what you mean and that's where you're at emotionally,' and it was so crazy to me," she explained to Entertainment Tonight. Since the song's about his wife, it makes sense that Kelley tapped her to direct the emotional video. It's Heigl's directorial debut. "She wasn't just my boss in this video, she's the boss in general to me," Kelley said about making the video. "She's the boss. She tells me to jump, I jump." She also directed her husband's weight-loss journey by recently telling him to lose 10 pounds. He's lost 13. Co-starring in this video also brings the duo's relationship full circle. They originally met on the set of Kelley's 2005 video, "Only You."

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