Fans Of Cadbury Creme Eggs Are Losing It Over This Dessert

Like calling a car a “lorry” or an apartment a “flat,” folks in England refer to cronuts as "crodoughs" — though this linguistic difference has more to do with copyrighting. And while America will always be home to the O.G. donut-croissant mashup, one bakery in London has taken it to the next level. Meet the Creme Egg crodough.

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That’s right, everyone’s favorite fondant-filled Easter candy is now a donut. Like its inspiration, this crodough is loaded with a cream filling, but then it's topped with white and toffee icing — and a mini creme egg for good measure. The brainchild of East London’s Rinkoff’s bakery, the sweets are available through March 26. Rinkoff's only makes a limited number each day, and apparently have been selling out daily. This isn’t the first Creme Egg-related tragedy for American fans this year — earlier this month, we learned about the Creme Egg McFlurry, only available in Australia. But you can approximate the McFlurry at home. We suggest making one tonight to combat any crodough FOMO you may be feeling.

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