Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Is Fixing The Princess Stereotype For Her Daughter

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage.
If you haven't already, it's time to familiarize yourself with Gal Gadot. Between 2016 and 2017, she is slated to appear in six films, ranging from Triple 9 to The Justice League. The actress has been busy promoting her latest and most talked about film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which she premieres her role as Wonder Woman, a.k.a. the female superhero role model of the century. It's a performance she hopes will set an example for her 4-year-old daughter, Alma Versano. In a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Gadot talked about the princess stereotype in movies, and how she is proud to be a part of the new wave of female superheroes. The actress said that her daughter, who loves princesses, is already showing a preference for strong, powerful characters over damsels in distress. Unfortunately, most of those lead characters are played by men. "She is really into princesses," Gadot told DeGeneres. "But one time I was telling her a story, and she was like, 'Well, the princes are always so brave and courageous and strong.' And then I asked her, 'Well, what about the princesses?' and she said, 'Meh.' And then she said, 'They always fall asleep and the prince is there to wake her up' So, it really made me feel really good to play Wonder Woman," Gadot said of her upcoming role that's sure to shatter that sleepy princess stereotype. Even young kids notice the small nuances of how male and female characters are represented in movies. Like Gadot says in the clip, "Boys always had Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, and girls had princesses," but now the girls also have Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Jessica Jones, and Elektra — superheroes who her daughter, and everyone else's daughters, can actually relate to as role models. Watch the full clip, below.

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