Ever Notice THIS Hair Trend On TV?

Last week, Racked pointed out something that you, TV viewer, have probably suspected for a while now without even realizing it: All the women on TV have the same hairstyle. On network and cable, across ages and races, women on today's small-screen landscape are rocking straight, voluminous hair that dissolves gracefully into loose waves about halfway down. It's a style that, as Racked correctly points out, does not exist naturally on the actual female head.
But not all of the women on television are sporting this uniform style. There are women with natural hair, short hair, curly hair, bangs, even. There are barely styled looks, and hair that has been ornately braided. So don't feel intimidated if you lack the skill or time to replicate the bounty of glossy, Disney princess-esque waves that TV seems to be selling you. Television's leading ladies have a lot more style inspiration to offer. And they all look beautiful.

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