Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 19: Time To Confess

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"What the hell just happened?" That's not only the best question Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has ever asked ever, but also the shared reaction from every Pretty Little Liars fan at the end of this week's episode. Because we're one week from the season finale and there are still plenty of unanswered questions.
Last week, Aria was the latest Liar to feel the wrath of the A (Part III). But this week, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is in the hospital. After a tumble down some stairs—during her honeymoon with her therapist, Dr. Rollins—Ali ends up with a concussion, flowers, and a not-so-subtle hint from A that this is all part of a master plan. We didn't actually see anything to prove that the fall wasn't an accident, but A implied that it wasn't, thanks to a card made of construction paper that looked like it was made by my 3-year-old cousin.
Tonight's episode wasn't just about Ali's ruined honeymoon. We also got to watch Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer tail Sara Harvey's (Dre Davis) handler, who Spencer aptly named her "helping hands." Naturally, they tailed the creeper, destroyed his fender, looked through his things, and saw him exchange secret plans with (gasp!) Sara Harvey, who was driving a car. With her hands.
Overall, there weren't many new developments in this week's episode. Except for Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb's (Tyler Blackburn) terrible plan to offer a fake confession as bait. The show closed with the line, “I murdered Charlotte.”
Here are the 29 biggest questions from tonight's episode:
1. So Elliott (Huw Collins) and Ali are like, really in love, huh? Okay, sure.
2. Didn't Aria suffer second-degree burns last week? How did that fireplace only manage to hit her forearm? It EXPLODED.
3. What else can Lucas (Brendan Robinson) do with that remote? Launch missiles? Set Aria on fire?
4. Do people who've recently been hospitalized with a concussion normally take such lovely hospital bed selfies? Because A+ Ali!
5. What is the video chat system Emily used to call Spencer? Because the signal was incredible and the picture was perfect.
6. Why would Mona (Janel Parrish) chose to meet up with Sara Harvey's henchman in broad daylight, on a park bench? If you're trying to plot evil, there's got to be another place to meet, right? How about the school? No one goes there.
7. Does Spencer really think picking at flowers on a stand is the best way to follow a creeper?
8. Does anyone think Emily is a good enough actress to distract someone long enough for Spencer to look through all his things?
9. How did Spencer just know that she could get those plans from City Hall? Does this town even have a City Hall? Honestly, Spencer's mom is the first sign of there actually being elected officials in Rosewood.
10. Why does Ezra have to print out EVERY single draft of this story? Why can't he just use Google Docs like a normal person?
11. Was the Ezra-Nicole flashback in soft purple lighting the most awkward thing that's ever happened on this show? YES. Yes, it was.
12. Is anyone else having a hard time feeling bad for Nicole when she plays crazy Aurora de Martel on The Originals?
13. Did that creeper really think waiting by an ice cream truck surrounded by minors looked casual?
14. Hanna, are we supposed to believe that you could haul a dead body to the top of the bell tower and then toss her off?
15. Is there no other place to hang in this town other than the coffee shop or the insane asylum-turned-hotel?
16. Hanna, why did you think it was okay to grab Caleb's hand like that, while forcing Spencer into a bad plan that will definitely not outsmart A?
17. How many times have the Liars outsmarted A and discovered their identity? Oh, just that one time in six seasons? Okay, just checking.
18. How did Spencer and Caleb not hook up while in Spain? This scene is screaming "prelude to sex."
19. Does being in Spain mean we have to have sit through this awful guitar music?
20. Does anyone else still feel like #Spaleb is incestuous?
21. Who came up with the hashtag #SugarDaddyLucas? Because they're my hero.
22. Is anyone actually hoping that Aria and Liam stay together? Highly unlikely. I've forgotten what he looks like already.
23. Do ghosts normally wear sweater sets, Mrs. DiLaurentis?
24. Sarah Harvey, how did you know to hide in that exact alleyway to spook Mona?!
25. This show is called Pretty Little Liars. Shouldn't Spencer know not to trust any of her friends?
26. So Alison's mom visited her from the grave, but her dad and brother couldn't visit her in real life? Or call? Text? Something.
27. Why couldn't Hanna just text that confession? Did she have to use the voice option? Does anyone use that? If they do, it's probably Sara Harvey, because of her hand situation.
28. Who designed the Hastings' campaign site? It looks like a poorly made iMovie.
29. What does #TwinOnPLL mean? Didn't they already twist the twin plot for the Charlotte storyline?

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