What Happens To Marshmallows In A Vacuum? We Still Want To Eat Them

Remember back when you had to do science projects for school? You were supposed to come up with some kind of experiment that grown-up scientists hadn't thought of yet, even though you hadn't even gone to high school. The result was, inevitably, something that looked cool, but obviously didn't need to be investigated. ("What happens when you water plants with Coke instead of water?") This latest video from Youtuber CrazyRussianHacker is kind of like that. Unless you're in an altered state right now, that is — in which case, it may be a massive revelation.

If you put regular-size marshmallows in a plastic vacuum packer, they will expand, rather than shrink. The end of Ghostbusters makes so much more sense now, doesn't it? Somebody, please send this guy to the International Space Station to do more groundbreaking work on marshmallows — or send him to our kitchen with about two more bags of those things.

Does anyone else have contact munchies now?

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