Marcia Clark Talks O.J. Simpson Verdict In New Special

Lee Celano
We can't tear our eyes away from The People v. O.J. Simpson. Another person who can't stop watching is Marcia Clark, the Los Angeles district attorney who headed one of the most theatrically incompetent prosecutions in the history of the world. Clark, who earlier gave an interview to Slate discussing her role in the trial, will appear on NBC in a new Dateline special about the case, airing on Sunday, March 6. The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard offers those involved in the case an opportunity to peel back the curtain on their motives, intentions, and hidden conversations leading up to the famous acquittal of the former star running back. Clark will appear in the special, explaining some iconic moments. Of the infamous move to ask Simpson to try on the gloves, Clark denies responsibility. "That was Chris [Darden]'s call," she tells Josh Mankiewicz. "I was miserable from the moment that Chris said, 'No, I'm doing this.' And I never expected anything good to come of it.…Darden said to me, 'I'm sorry.' And I said, 'It's okay. If that lost the case for us, we were never going to win anyway.'" She also breaks down her reaction to the verdict of not guilty. "I felt horrible," Clark tells Mankiewicz. "It was physically painful. You know, that was not justice. And I thought of Ron and Nicole and thought, This is wrong. It's so wrong." The special, a two-hour update to a 2014 show on the same subject, includes interviews with a cornucopia of other major figures. Those include Kris Jenner, Alan Dershowitz, Bob Costas, Kato Kaelin (he wasn't busy), and former juror Lon Cryer.

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