The World’s Best Banana Pudding Just Got EVEN Better

Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.
It's no secret that we love Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding. In fact, it's so delicious it's been known to make grown men weep with joy. Yes, yes, we know most people associate Magnolia Bakery with cupcakes, since the tiny storefront practically started the cupcake craze after it was featured on Sex and the City. But the shop's real dessert gold that shouldn't be overlooked is its banana pudding. It might sound like an option that you would just breeze past to more enticing-looking desserts, but that would be a mistake
And now, after years of serving up the classic banana pudding, Magnolia Bakery is changing things up with a brand new chocolate version. It features chocolate pudding, and chocolate wafers instead of the typical vanilla, plus plenty of sliced fresh bananas.
Magnolia's chief baking officer (side note: that is the world's best job title), Bobbie Lloyd, told us about the inspiration behind the new treat over email: "We first worked on a chocolate pudding parfait which launched last year and then decided that we wanted to extend the flavor profile to banana pudding. Yum! Banana pudding has been a classic at Magnolia for years, so developing a chocolate version for our menu seemed like a great idea! Who doesn’t love chocolate? It has taken months to develop, but we are very proud [of] what we have come up with!" We got a chance to try the new pudding before it hits store locations on March 1 and we were pretty excited about it. It's not quite as banana-y as the classic, which might influence whether you choose chocolate or original, however a giant container of the stuff disappeared from our office in what can only be described as record time.

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