Kate Upton & Mindy Kaling Switched Faces With Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: C Flanigan/FilmMagic.
Leonardo DiCaprio may have had the best night ever at the 2016 Oscars after finally winning his nomination for Best Actor. However, it appears some other celebrities had even more fun pretending to be him at an Oscars after party. Vanity Fair hosts one of the most star-studded parties of the season, and this year on their red carpet, they gave everyone the opportunity to faceswap with the man of the hour. So if you ever wondered what Mindy Kaling, Kate Upton, or even Vince Vaughn looked like with the face of Jack from The Titanic, then you're finally getting your answer. But not everyone cared to participate. Larry David just straight up said "No," when he was asked to use the faceswap app, and walked away. Of those willing, some even offered an acceptance speech while morphed into DiCaprio. Kaling's and Upton's speeches are two of our favorites. Our only question is, where can we get this app? In hers, Upton revealed her true feelings about The Revenant. "I'm very happy that I won this Oscar," she said. "I think I really deserved it for a movie that I barely spoke in." Zing. But DiCaprio's face looks pretty good with an up-do like that.
Meanwhile, Kaling's mini- acceptance speech was what we wish DiCaprio had said. "I'd like to thank the Academy, and I'd like to thank the other members of the Pussy Posse that helped me to get here."
Conan O'Brien gave it a go.
As did Judd Apatow.
And Vince Vaughn, who just looks like a super tall version of DiCaprio.
Michael Strahan lent his signature smile to DiCaprio's face.
DiCaprio's mom, Irmelin Indenbirken, didn't really participate because she had already used the app before. "Oh I know this" she said. "He has done that for me. I know all about it."
Is this what DiCaprio does in his spare time? Faceswap with his mom? We approve.

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