This Mini Red’s Orange Is The New Black Video Is Ridiculously Cute

We doubt the inmates of Litchfield Prison could handle two Reds, but we sure can. Or we can so long as one of them is an adorable 3-year-old girl. Little Willow got the attention of the Orange is the New Black team when her mom dressed her up as Red, the tough-talking Russian prison chef played by Kate Mulgrew, for a Halloween shoot. Someone then had the brilliant idea to invite the tot on set to meet Mulgrew during the filming of this Christmas parody. As you can see from the video below, Mulgrew was ecstatic about the opportunity to make a very unappetizing-sounding cake with her little double. As for Willow, well, who knows? She mostly struggled to rip off carrot tops and didn't make a peep. How are we supposed to know if she has a Russian accent? She also got to meet Taylor Schilling at the crafts table. Thankfully, Piper didn't give her the same welcoming speech she gave Soso.

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