This Boy Can’t Even With His “Too Cute” Dinner

We've all been there. We're staring at our food, and it's just too beautiful to eat. But then we snap a pic, share it with our Instagram followers, and dig in. The adorable boy in the above video doesn't have that luxury. And, as a result, we are swooning over his epic meltdown. Let us set the scene: The boy begins by allowing the cuteness of the meal to wash over him, and when urged by his mother to take a bite, he tearfully refuses. The camera pans out and we can see that his hot dog has been artfully sliced into pieces and assembled into a smile, with ketchup and mustard circles as eyes for the win (nicely done, mom!). Again, the mother urges the boy to eat. She even offers her help by suggesting she fork the first bite, but he continues on with his passionate refusal. "You never make something like this for me," he warbles. And now our hearts are exploding from the cuteness.

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