Your Horoscope For This Week — Feb 28 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
The week kicks off with a leap day — and how fitting that is! The stars are spurring us to spring into action and, yep, leap into new terrain. It starts on Monday with a quarter moon in daring, expansive Sagittarius. These moonbeams help us look ahead and see where we could afford to stretch out of our comfort zones even more. There's always further to go, right? But the ginormous gust of wind beneath our wings comes on Saturday, when go-getter Mars zooms into Sagittarius until May 28! Leaping isn't even an option after this; it's a prerequisite. And it's anybody's guess where we'll land, since this jet-setting zodiac sign rules international travel, higher education, and entrepreneurial ventures. Paris in the springtime? Penn State for the summer semester? Parked in the executive seat of a kitchen table enterprise? Mars lays down the gauntlet now: Go big or go home. P.S.: Mars will visit Sagittarius for a second time from August 3 to September 27, so what you initiate now could take off even more then!

Messenger Mercury is also on the move this Saturday, leaving logical Aquarian's brainy terrain and winding into dreamy, esoteric Pisces until March 21. Instead of computer codes, we'll shift into (Pisces) poet Saul Williams' "coded language." Words won't tell the whole story now, so pay attention to body language and the messages in music, art, and what's not being said. Tap the subconscious; summon your charitable spirit and the muse. There could hardly be a better time for starting a meditation practice, doing community service, or diving into an art project. Pisces rules the after hours clubs, so don't be surprised if the best ideas come in the night, even in your dreams. In the words of Williams, "They are the seeds of light planted in the sky / But the night and skies are meaningless to their unearthly eyes."

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