How One App Is Delivering Birth Control To Your Door

Photographed by Jessica Nash.
When news of the birth control delivery app Nurx first hit, we (and the rest of the internet) were stoked. It was immediately hailed the Uber for birth control, the Seamless for NuvaRings (that one we made up). But while those comparisons are pithy, they don't convey that Nurx is trying to be far more than just a time-saving delivery service app — its founders are hoping that it can inform women's healthcare choices and change the way people view birth control altogether. "There are a lot of people who think the birth control pill should just be over-the-counter, like it is in over half the world," Hans Gangeskar, Nurx cofounder, told Refinery29. "And we agree with that." While Nurx isn't literally "over-the-counter," Gangeskar explained that there are three main steps to receiving your birth control. First, you choose your brand and type. Nurx currently offers combination pills, progesterone-only pills, the patch, NuvaRing, and emergency contraceptives, like Plan B One Step. (You can request recommendations from a doctor via the app if you're unsure which one's best for you, and Nurx also offers Truvada for PrEP, or HIV prevention.) Next, you fill out a basic health profile, which allows you to enter your weight, age, birthday, blood pressure, and health habits, such as smoking. Then, you enter either your credit card number and insurance information — and that's it. Your contraception of choice will be on its way soon after that. According to Gangeskar, each type of contraception comes with "detailed instructions" on proper use and application, whether you get an oral contraceptive or the NuvaRing. But you're not alone if you're still not 100% sure how to use your BC. Users are encouraged to engage with the app's on-call doctors whenever they have a concern. "You're only a message away from the doctors, so you can always send a message if you have any questions, and you can send pictures securely as well," Gangeskar said. With low-cost birth control programs being blocked by local politicians, BC accessibility is increasingly important for the 62% of American women of reproductive age who use contraception. Other birth control apps, like Maven, a consultation resource, or Glow, which refills pre-existing prescriptions, have taken major steps toward increasing the pill's availability. And now Nurx offers a combination of these services: consultation, prescription, and delivery. In time, the ease with which one can get birth control via services like Nurx may help to change the widespread view of birth control as something that's shameful or difficult to obtain. "We want to give our users the ability to take charge of their own healthcare and feel like they’re in control, rather than someone else," Gangeskar said. Nurx is currently available in California and, as of last week, New York. If you're in either city, you can get started on your own delivery here.

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