The Fuller House Cast Told Us Their Secrets On Friendship, Bob Saget & High-Waisted Jeans

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Jodie Sweetin blew our minds on Tuesday night. While at the Fuller House premiere at The Pacific Theaters at The Grove in Los Angeles, we spoke with the cast about reprising their iconic roles. But while we were at it, we also wanted to ask a few questions that have been on our minds for about 20 years. Remember when you were old enough to learn that Bog Saget — a.k.a. Danny Tanner — was actually a super raunchy comedian? And remember how you were shocked to learn that about him? Well, apparently Sweetin has known this since the beginning, even though she was just five years old when Full House debuted. “I knew that the entire time," she told Refinery29. "I’ve known Bob has been Bob since I met Bob. So everyone’s like, Oh my gosh it’s so shocking! I’m like Nah, I’ve kind of known that for like 30 years." She even credits Saget and co-star Dave Coulier with developing her own humor. "I love Bob. And honestly, growing up around Bob and Dave, I like to think that I have a pretty good sense of humor and a lot of that — growing up around two incredible standup comics — I really gained from them.” Once we heard Sweetin's bombshell, we thought we'd pry for more secrets from the cast and boy did they deliver. Candace Cameron Bure & Andrea Barber On Their Lifelong Friendship
Bure and Barber have taken their on-screen friendship as DJ and Kimmy to real life. (Just look at their Instagram accounts.) When asked what the secret was to a long-lasting friendship, they both said it came down to laughter. "We laugh so much," Bure told us. "That is the secret. I mean obviously you have to invest in a relationship, so it’s spending time with that person and creating those memories. And then you throw in the encouraging texts along the way, or the funny ones.” "Laughter is key," Barber agreed, but also added in that standing by her friend is a huge factor. “I think it’s just loyalty through differences. You can disagree and have different views and you can live on two separate coasts, but as long as the loyalty is there and as long as the love is there, you’ll remain friends. And that’s been key for us." Dave Coulier's Emotional Response To Fuller House
When Coulier got a call from John Stamos about reprising his role as Uncle Joey, he didn't anticipate how many feelings he'd have about it. “I have to tell you, I drove to Warner Bros. by myself, and I walked on the set, and I started to cry," he said. "I got very emotional. It was amazing. You know you move out of your house when you’re a little kid, and somebody else moves in, and you never get to go back there. We got to go back home, which was an amazing feeling, all these years later.” Coulier said he's come to see the cast as a real family. “We’ve been there through a lot of things in our lives. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, a show becoming a hit, to a show becoming canceled, to a show becoming a hit again. It’s really been the spectrum of life with these people and I couldn’t love them any more. They’re just amazing family members. I have different relationships with all of them, but I’m equally as close with all of them. It’s wonderful.” What Lori Loughlin Doesn't Miss About The '90s
It's clear that we're in a bout of nostalgic obsession. If it was good in the '90s, we want it back. So, we had to ask Loughlin if maybe there was anything she'd rather not see return from the '90s. Despite the resurgence of fashion from that decade, Loughlin isn't a huge fan. "Every time I see an episode I say, Why am I in such high-waisted jeans? So strange. I know high-waisted is back now, but I’m like no, no, no, not again.” After Years Of Being The Outcast, Kimmy Gibbler Finally Gets A Hot Boyfriend
Sure, she may have pined for Uncle Jesse as a teenager, but the joke about Gibbler was that she was too annoying and weird to ever get a boyfriend. In Fuller House, though, she gets an absolute babe of a partner. “I think people are gonna love Kimmy and Fernando’s chemistry," she said. "I don’t know how Kimmy landed this guy. If you watch the pilot episode you’ll see Kimmy’s got some secrets.” When we told her we were happy to see Kimmy finally get some romance, she joined in our enthusiasm. “Yes! Vindication!

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