Disney Princess Are Even More Enchanting Singing In Their Original Languages

Though we have yet to see a variation on a Disney princess we don't love, here is something that makes even more sense. YouTube channel Movie Munchies has taken the ladies' most famous songs and returned them to their "original" languages, we assume with the help of alternate versions available on DVD. Besides being entertaining, the videos are a clever reminder of the origins of all the fairy tales commoditized by Disney. Because The Little Mermaid is adapted from a Hans Christian Andersen story, Ariel sings "Part of Your World" in Danish. Elsa's "Let It Go" is in Norwegian (though "The Snow Queen" is another Andersen tale, Arendelle is based on Norway). Jasmine soars above "A Whole New World" belting in Arabic, while Rapunzel and Flynn duet in German.
In part 2, the Movie Munchies editor shows us Belle and Aurora singing in French and Snow White in German. The most surprising revelation might be Hercules' Meg singing in Greek — probably not Ancient Greek, mind you, but it's still a lot of fun. Anna gives a Frozen Norwegian encore to round things out.
While on the one hand it's a startling novelty for adult fans who grew up with these movies, this seems like it would be a great gateway piece to get kids into foreign films and learning foreign languages. Also, maybe it's harder for "Let It Go" to get stuck in your head forever when you don't know the words?

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