Steven Avery May Have Molested Brendan Dassey

Image courtesy Netflix
Police, the courts, and the Making a Murderer team may have ignored a major crime committed by Steven Avery. A May 13, 2006 interview recently obtained by The Wrap contains allegations that Steven Avery molested his nephew Brendan Dassey. Dassey said, during the interview, that Avery touched his genital area “through the pants.” Later that day, Dassey called mother Barb Tadych and said that he told the police that his uncle, “would grab me somewhere where I was uncomfortable.” She asks him why he didn’t say anything before. Brendan replies, “You know he always touched us and that.” A prominent thinker on the Avery case, “Rebutting a Murderer” podcast host Dan O’Donnell, tells The Wrap that the possibility of molestation means that Avery could have had major control over his nephew. “He clearly is saying that Steven molested him,” O’Donnell tells The Wrap. “Really, I don’t have any reason to believe that Dassey would have been lying.” Avery’s legal representative, of course, denies the claim. Filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi declined to comment. The transcripts, like a lot of the transcripts involving Dassey, seem to involve the police feeding him yes or no questions. Believing his confession seems to mean that you would have to believe the molestation allegation. Though the transcripts are part of the court records, no charges were filed.

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