Here’s How Much We’re Spending This Valentine’s Day

Photo: Getty Images.
If you’re single around Valentine’s, there’s some good news: It may be good for your savings account. Consulting firm Sumo Heavy has compiled the numbers on V-Day spending and have found some interesting things. While men spend nearly twice as much as women on the holiday, that doesn’t mean the holiday is easy on the wallet for the average woman. She'll spend nearly $100 on her loved ones, which is still no chump change. What are people buying for their boos? While men are more likely to purchase flowers (they’ll buy 73% of them), women are more likely to buy cards. Of the 180 million cards sold, 85% of them will be bought by women — that's over 150 million cards. But being single doesn’t completely protect you from spending money. Sumo Heavy also found that over half of all people — single or otherwise — will buy candy on Valentine’s Day. Last year, that candy buying spree totaled up to $1.7 billion. That’s a lot of conversation hearts.

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