You’ll Soon Be Able To Get Tatted At Whole Foods

Photo: Tim Boyle/ Getty Images.
You may have heard of Whole Foods. It's the sometimes-viewed-as-overpriced, vegan-friendly, dope-lunch-selection supermarket that your parents constantly complain eats up half of their paychecks. Well, now the chain is looking to make you a WF convert with a questionable new initiative to reel in the millennials: an in-store tattoo shop. Yes, you read that correctly, a tattoo shop in Whole Foods. A little background: The company announced back in June that it was going to open a select number of budget-friendly stores called 365 by Whole Foods sometime this year. And now, according to Bloomberg Business, on top of those cheap(er) green juices and the most impressive selection of nuts you've ever seen, these new stores will include body-care products (which is understandable, since the store stocks a ton of beauty brands), record shops (meh), and tattoo parlors. Because millennials have a persistent need to mark up their bods — even while grocery shopping — right? "We don't see any reason why we can't...participate in that part of the market as well with our 365 by Whole Foods offer — it's going to be unique," Walter Robb, the co-CEO of Whole Foods, told Bloomberg. Okay. Our questions: Will the tattoos be expensive? Will they be vegan? High-quality? Where, exactly, will these parlors set up shop? Aisle 5? Frozen foods? We'd probably use "bizarre" over "unique" to describe this new addition, but to each their own. You do you, millennials. We've reached out to Whole Foods and will update this post when we hear back, and hopefully get answers to these pressing questions ASAP. Until then, tell us what you think in the comments.

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