Why Adnan Syed’s Alibi Witness Decided To Testify 17 Years Later

Photo: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky.
We've listened to her voice on Serial before, but this is the first time we're able to see Asia McClain, Adnan Syed's alibi witness, tell her story in front of the camera. After giving her long-awaited — and potentially pivotal — testimony during Syed's post-conviction hearing last week, McClain sat down with ABC News for a revealing interview. McClain, who submitted an affidavit in 1999 and wrote letters to Syed after his arrest, was never summoned to testify during his original murder trial. In her interview, McClain talks about her take on the case and her decision to testify. Why did she step up to the plate, 17 years later? To set the right example for her kids. "I was compelled by my children," she explained. "Keeping that legacy, integrity, and stepping up to tell the truth was very important to me. I want my kids to know their mom was strong."
In fact, it sounds like McClain regrets not speaking up sooner, like when the defense asked her to testify back in 2010. She explained that if she ever got the chance to speak with Syed, "I would just personally apologize that I didn’t come forward in 2010." What's her take on the case — and Syed's prospects? Does she think her testimony will help? Like many of us, she's not so sure. "Do I think Adnan killed Hae? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you,” McClain said. "By coming forward, I hope that I was able to provide enough information to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision," she said of a possible retrial. "Whatever that [decision] might be, is in his hands." Watch McClain's interview, below.

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