The Undercut Just Got A Dope Upgrade

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For me, undercuts are the ultimate form of badassery — and don't try to tell me I'm the only one who thinks this. It takes a whole lot of guts to buzz off a section of your hair, and it takes a certain kind of lady to rock the edgy style with gusto. Well, the internet just upped the cool-girl ante with what some are referring to as "undercut hair tattoos." But it's not what you might think. People aren't taking needles to their shaved heads, but rather incorporating designs into the buzzed section. The result: a bold statement 'do that will set you apart from your now-basic undercut counterparts.
Of course, men of color have been taking clippers to their fades in order to spice up their looks for years upon years. Google "Kanye West hair designs," and you'll be presented with arrow styles, swirls, and even questionable Fendi signage shaved into the rapper's dome — and these came decades before the trend even started. So this concept is by no means new, but the main point of difference is that artwork on men's hair is typically on display, while you can easily conceal the undercut "tats" with the rest of your hair. What do you think about the style? Will you be trying it out, or is it a hard pass? Check out the mesmerizing video below, and then let us know your feels in the comments.

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