Kris Jenner Talks About O.J. Simpson’s Obsessive Love For Nicole Brown

As The People vs. O.J. Simpson airs its second episode, it’s worth remembering that the show lives on in the lives of our first family, the Kardashians. Way back in 2009, Kris Jenner sat down with E! to provide context for their relationship. Kris said that Simpson fell in love with Nicole Brown more or less at first sight. But their love may have bordered on obsession: "He wanted Nicole to be a part of his life at any cost. It was almost an obsessive kind of love, when you think about it now and I look back…” she told E! “There's signs that, I think that, looking back on it now, that I would have been more adamant about having her address, you know, because she did have a lot of fear that she expressed to all of us at the end. I think that when I look back on it now and how obsessive he was about her, and how much he had to have her, maybe that was a sign. I have no idea. We'll never know.” Kris went on to say that their intense and sometimes violent family life contributed to enduring suspicions that O.J. murdered his ex-wife. "There was a lot of stuff going on with him, personally, and she was living in a state of fear at that time,” she told E! “That was undeniable…It was very divided. He had his side, and she had her side. So the friends divided. I was on one team — Nicole team — and my ex-husband was on team O.J. And it divided families. It divided friends. It divided children. Her family was in a very horrible situation because there's kids involved. It was a pretty awful time."

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