10 LGBT Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day

Even the most die-hard romantic movie fans can only watch Rose say "never let go, Jack" so many times. Solid rom-coms and swoon-worthy films seem to be on the decline, but one way to expand your Valentine's Day viewing options is to look beyond the straight, cisgender canon.
The 10 films ahead comprise a mix of recent releases and cult classics that explore LGBT relationships. There's something for every kind of romantic film fan — coming-of-age first love, an older character finding love late in life, and rom-coms leaning more heavily on the comedy strand of their DNA. The list includes critically beloved movies that have already won awards. It also features some LGBT favorites, as well as a few films that are bound to become classics.
Enjoying a romantic movie is the perfect V-Day activity, whether you're single or having a quiet date night in. But you don't need to watch Sleepless in Seattle for the 20th time. These 10 movies will help you broaden your cinematic horizons.

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