The NFL Gets Beyoncé To Grant Rare Interview

If you are still recovering from "Formation" dropping last night, you might want to strap in. Not only is Beyoncé part of the Super Bowl halftime show (in other words, football and Coldplay are opening for Bey), she gave her first sit-down interview in years, reflecting on her past Super Bowl halftime show and saying she wanted to project the image of a “strong woman” to the audience of millions.
Accomplisment unlocked.
“It’s always important for me to be a strong woman,” she said. “There haven’t been that many women who have done the Super Bowl halftime show. I had to hold it down for the ladies.”
And to hold it down for the ladies, she staged a Destiny's Child reunion. “I could not do the Super Bowl without bringing Kelly and Michelle,” Beyoncé said of their appearance. “Some of the biggest songs of my career have been with Destiny’s Child...That was a beautiful, wonderful thing to have my sisters next to me.” In recent years, there has been a bit of chatter about Beyoncé's reluctance to be interviewed. In 2015, after she covered Vogue without an interview, the New York Times wrote "inside Vogue’s September issue, Beyoncé says not a word." Instead, her cover was accompanied by a thinkpiece on Bey's star power by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Margo Jefferson, who had zero contact with the singer.
In a world of stars and wannabes oversharing on every media platform they can, Beyoncé remains one of the most fascinating, enigmatic superstars of modern times. She's the most interesting woman in the world right now, so why pull back the veil of mystery?
Watch the video, here.

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