10 Friday Night Lights Moments That Give You All The Feels

Friday Night Lights was never just a football show.
It's easy to write it off that way, but if you ever sat down and watched an episode, you'll see that FNL is bigger than the "high schoolers in Texas who live for game night" trope. In fact, football was the least interesting part of the show.
Friday Night Lights was never just about winning; it was a show about coming back from defeat. While the series would live for five seasons and 76 episodes, it was nearly canceled after its first season — and threatened with cancelation every subsequent season due to dismal ratings.
Every episode had a tear-inducing moment. Every arc ended with a valuable life lesson. FNL exposed the dark side of our obsession with winning and all that comes with it.
And because of the stellar performances — from Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, Taylor Kitsch, and others — the show moved you.
Has anyone ever made it through more than two episodes of FNL without being reduced to a watery blob of sobs? Doubtful.
The real question isn't whether or not FNL made you cry, but how many times and which moments did it. There are so many scenes that make you feel everything at once! So for the five year anniversary of the show's goodbye, we've rounded up a few of the most heartrending, sob-worthy, serious case-of-the-feels moments in FNL history.
Texas forever.

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