The Oddly Mesmerizing YouTube Videos Of The “Food Surgeon”

For those of you who couldn’t stop watching the video about those rainbow bagels, we may have found your new favorite YouTube channel — and it involves surgery. Meet The Food Surgeon. But, for those of us who got queasy in biology class, don't worry. It’s blood-free and totally mesmerizing. Just look at his so-called Reese's Peanut-Butter-Ectomy with Oreo Cream Transplant:
So who is the Food Surgeon? NPR tracked him down and only learned that he is an engineer from Seattle, named Jeff (he didn’t want his last name shared). Jeff is a fan of YouTube cooking videos, and found himself "really engaged with the parts when they're dissecting food and taking it apart,” as he told NPR. This led him to create his own channel devoted to the careful art of slicing food. Right now, the only other video from the Food Surgeon is of a very soothing clementine dissection. But don’t worry, Jeff told NPR that he’s cooking up more videos, including a Valentine’s Day-themed one, and another with an avocado, that he says will be, “a bit controversial.” Oh my!

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