Eliminate iPhone Accessories With These Binder Clip Hacks

Any time you sit at a desk with binder clips, you have to play with them. It’s a law of human nature, like petting dogs, or lying to substitute teachers. The binder clip was invented in 1911 by Louis E. Baltzley to help bind his father’s documents — the old method was hole punching or sewing the papers together — and has endured ever since. It was ranked 97 out of 999 by Phaidon Design Classics, an encyclopedia of the greatest inventions of all-time. But Japanese lifehacker Venlee takes binder clips to a whole new level with this four-minute video. In it, he showcases 15 different non-traditional usages for the iconic item. His hacks include multiple phone stands, a cable organizer, and a thread spooler, among others. We’re pretty sure Baltzley didn’t envision using it as an iPhone dock. We could be wrong, but we doubt it. Watch the video below. And it’s worth sticking around for the bonus tip at the end, too.

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