This Woman Weightlifts With Her Vagina: Here’s Why

“I would say that having a vaginal weightlifting practice gives me and anyone that practices it the best sex of their lives.” So begins a video starring Kim Anami, a holistic sex and relationship coach who says she holds the key to empowering women, curing depression, and fighting the effects of aging. Her secret is vaginal weightlifting, a process in which she ties a piece of string to a jade egg, inserts the egg into her vagina, and ties the other end to a variety of objects. Anami then lifts these objects, which include cookware, a coconut, or even a full surfboard, using her vaginal muscles. She documents her journey on Instagram, often weightlifting in exotic locations and with exotic objects.
Anami says that her practice, which she does five times a week, strengthens the pelvic floor, eliminates urinary incontinence, enhances sexual enjoyment, and enables women to “ejaculate across the room.” Doctors seem to agree that the sexual benefits of vaginal kung fu are real. Anami, who splits her time between Los Angeles and Bali, travels the world proselytizing her message of empowerment. But prospective weightlifters be warned: Anami says that a friend of hers in Thailand hospitalized three men because she exercised her grip too forcefully.

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