Steven Avery’s Younger Brother Gives First Interview Since Making A Murderer

Just when we thought we were out of thinking about Making a Murderer, they pull us back in. This time, it’s because of Steven Avery’s younger brother, Earl, speaking to Access Hollywood. Earl says he hasn’t seen his brother in a decade, a result of Steven’s accusation that Earl and other brother Chuck may have played a role in Teresa Halbach’s death. The first time they’ve spoken was last week, after an eight-year break in their relationship. According to Earl, Steven said that lawyers pressured him to name his brothers during the trial but, “I guess blood is blood and you can’t change that. Life is too short.” Earl told Access Hollywood that after he returned from rabbit hunting on the night of October 31st, 2005, he drove past the place Teresa Halbach’s car would be found, seeing no sign of the car. Avery patriarch Allan also gave his first interview since Making a Murderer. He says that Steven acted “normal” on the night of the murder. Allan also shed light on Steven’s mental condition. “He's locked up in a know what I mean. It's like one of my rabbits, got a two-by-four pen,” he told Access Hollywood. Steven speaks with his mother and father up to twice a day, and his preacher is apparently being added to his visitor list. The family seems optimistic about their new lawyer.

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