This Isn't A Tina Fey Spoof, Just The Cringiest Sarah Palin Interview, Ever

If Sarah Palin is one thing, she's entertaining.

Lately, she almost seems to be purposefully reinforcing the current caricature of herself in all of her recent public appearances. This week, on the Today show, Palin really embodied her comedian doppelgänger, Tina Fey, with her bizarrely strung together thoughts during the interview.
Photo via Today Show/NBC.

When Matt Lauer asked Palin if she thought Donald Trump was truly a conservative candidate, due to his Democratic endorsements in the past, Palin answered in the most Palin way.

It sounded as if it was pulled straight from the script of an SNL spoof.

You compare him to someone like Ronald Reagan who too had at one point... he was a registered Democrat even — and then he saw the light, and I say, wonderful! I am so glad that Donald Trump is on our side when it comes to the political spectrum, understanding that free markets, capitalism, and restoration, of our freedom, is the way for American to be restored. Good. We should celebrate that he has come over on the right side.
Photo via Today Show/NBC.
It gets reallllly awkward after they bring up her son, and his arrest. And we even get a couple of punches thrown at the media about the "promises" made to her.

Watch the full interview below.
We just can't help but think of this immediately after that Trump tangent.
Video via Youtube.

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