This Model Is Putting Guys On Blast For Sending Inappropriate Pictures On Instagram

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This model is putting gross guys on blast: She’s started responding to unsolicited dick pics by contacting the men’s girlfriends and families to make sure they’re aware of their guy’s behavior. Emily Sears is an Australian model with over two million followers on Instagram. She says that she usually receives one or two inappropriate messages per day, at a minimum. “It’s just been consistently happening for so long. I became absolutely fed up with these kinds of disturbing and disgusting messages and comments online,” Sears told Buzzfeed News. She began checking the profiles of the men who messaged her to see if they had wives or girlfriends listed, and contacting them to let them know what their partner was up to. When she informs the men that they’re about to have their behavior known, they always try to apologize. Some men try to pretend that someone else messaged her from their phone.
It’s hardly as if men haven’t been informed that women don’t like unsolicited pictures of their junk. There is a plethora of writing on the internet about how women aren’t into a surprise picture of man bits. A study from the dating site even found that unsolicited pictures of genitalia are a woman’s biggest turn-off. In 2016, there’s no excuse for pretending that this is okay. But the benefits of Sears’ actions aren’t limited to the righteous good of exposing the dirtbags of the world. So far, her plan has helped at least one woman leave an abusive relationship. On Thursday, Sears tweeted message from one of the women she had contacted. In it, the woman says that after Sears contacted her, she found out that her boyfriend had sent pictures of his penis to four other women as well and that he had hit her when she broke up with him. Sears posted the anonymous message with the caption, “The messages are part of a much bigger issue.”

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