This Is The Fanciest Way To Eat Your Girl Scout Cookie Loot

Photo: Courtesy of Vivino.
It's Girl Scout Cookie season, y'all. And there are more than a handful of ways we like to munch on our flavor favorites — like fresh out of the box or freezer and smothered in some peanut butter or crumbled atop an ice cream sundae. So we wouldn't be hard pressed to argue that these sweet little treats go well with, well just about anything. Bringing us to our next point: Paring GSCs with our second greatest love in life — wine. Yes, that's right. Instead of dunking our coveted Thin Mints into a glass of milk, we'll be washing them down with a full-bodied sip of Cab-Sauv. All thanks to Vivino, a comprehensive wine reviewer and retailer, who has blessed us with a foolproof Girl Scout Cookie pairing chart (pictured left). Now we won't be left playing the guessing game of which combos are the killer combos. So if you're looking for a new way to munch on this season's cookie loot, pour yourself some sparkling rosé and tear into that box of Samoas. We're about to get fancy.

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