Kesha Prepares For Court Date With Instagram, "Amazing Grace"

Update: Kesha tweeted that her court date has been "postponed" due to "travel problems with the weather." It will now take place February 19.

This post was originally published January 25 at 3:45 p.m.

In advance of a court date that she says will decide the "fate of [her] career," Kesha is speaking out via Instagram.

A hearing is set for January 26 in Kesha's ongoing legal battle with her producer "Dr. Luke," Lukasz Gottwald, who she alleges abused her. Last week, Kesha posted a note to Instagram in which she said: "If you pray, I could use one this week. I find out the fate of my career on Tuesday."
Today, Kesha told her fans not to worry, writing: "tomorrow- nerves are going nuts. can't sleep. but I know in the end it's all gonna be ok. it's a fucking rollercoaster but that's life. and I will never stop making art. maybe my life will go down an unexpected path, but the message will always be the same. love, acceptance, compassion, equal rights, human rights, animal rights. and that really is my passion and purpose. and no one can ever stop me from fighting the good fight. don't worry babes...luv you all"

A video released on YouTube features footage of Kesha singing "Amazing Grace." Before she begins, she says: "I can't put out new music, but I can sing a little something of someone else's songs or something that exists." When she concludes she says, "I love you."
Back in 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, saying he abused her sexually and emotionally. Gottwald countersued for defamation and breach of contract. In September, Kesha filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to allow her to work with other producers and companies outside of her contracts with Dr. Luke. The motion states that, "[Her] future is at risk unless this Court takes immediate action that allows Kesha to pursue her passion and her livelihood — making music — without interference from the man who has so badly damaged her body, mind, and spirit." Court papers filed in late October note that Kesha was willing to continue to work with Sony, just not with a label affiliated with Dr. Luke and his companies, only Sony refused. The papers argue: "Kesha now faces an abysmal decision: work with her alleged abuser (as noted, the truth or falsity of the allegations of abuse are not at issue in this Motion), or idly and passively wait as her career tick-tocks away."

According to the fan Twitter account @KeshaTODAY, a #FreeKesha protest is scheduled for outside the New York State Supreme Court tomorrow at 9 a.m.

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