Whitney Cummings Explains The Upsides Of Gaining Weight

Whitney Cummings stopped by The Wendy Williams Show Thursday to plug her upcoming HBO special (premiering tomorrow), and in typical fashion, she did not hold back. The conversation eventually spanned from egg freezing to tattoos, but right out of the gate, Cummings got real with Williams about her weight gain — and the surprising ways it's made her life better.

“I’m going to be super real and honest. A couple of years ago, I would say maybe the first eight years I was in Hollywood, I was not eating," she said. "I thought that I was supposed to be really skinny. The pressure is so intense, the camera adds weight they say, and I was eating chicken and salads and working out, doing spinning every day, and I was really gaunt. I know nobody wants to admit this, but I was kind of starving myself."

It took seeing herself on camera for her to wake up and realize what she was doing, she explained: "I was like, that’s not healthy, I felt like I was a bad role model so I started eating. Then my face totally filled out and everyone thought I got a facelift because fat is like nature's filler. So everybody thinks I got work done — I was like no, I started eating guacamole and bagels.”

The very important message here: Finally saying f*ck it to insane body pressures can not only improve your well-being, it can also lead you to a beautiful friendship with guac and carbs and a healthy glow.

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