Whitney Cummings Gets “Self-Destructive” For Her Art

It's no small deal for HBO to deign a comedian worthy of her or his own comedy special. The HBO stamp means the message coming forth is right on our collective pulse; it tips the zeitgeist on its ear. So when we heard that Whitney Cummings is set to hit the cable giant on January 23 with her stand-up special I'm Your Girlfriend, we let out a low, guttural, "Hell yes." And now, adding fuel to our fire is a brand-new interview featurette featuring sneak-peek material and commentary from Cummings herself. In the video, Cummings notes that this stand-up material will be "raw, less polished," and "more self-destructive" than her past performances, citing how life handed her a series of hard lessons around the time of her 30th birthday. "Something happened to me when I turned 30 where I just stopped being able to lie, as well as the fact that life broke me...so my standup just became like a giant journal entry of my failures and weaknesses," she says. Sound dark? Maybe. Too dark to be funny? Absolutely not. She promises to bring forth the comic gold of bad Tinder dates, her experiments with various birth control methods, experiences with being cheated on, and even her diagnosis as a "love addict." So clear January 23's 10 p.m time slot on your schedule. Cummings assures us that this material will ensure that she "going to be single forever."

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