This Woman Is Shutting Down Online Jerks In The Funniest Way Ever

To put it lightly, it can be difficult to be a woman online, whether you confront your haters or try to meet their standards. These standards, of course, rarely apply to both men and women, despite Miley Cyrus and her noble attempt to spread female nipples across users' Instagram feeds. In a conversation that doesn't leave much room for humor, one woman is adding her voice in one of the funniest ways we've seen yet. User @CardsAgstHrsmt, who goes by Lindsey, and is also known for her street harassment response cards, has been reposting the body-negative thoughts ("if you post pics half naked you are not wife material") of male users, alongside their own vanity shots, mirror selfies, and shirtless poses. Each tweet features the hashtag #ShirtlessShamers2016 to reflect the hypocrisy of these posts, with a clear question for these men: If you're allowed to post shirtless photos, why should you call out women who show off their own bodies?
Lindsey's decision to present body-shaming behavior in this way sends a powerful message. Men are often completely exempt from scrutiny, particularly when it comes to their bodies. She'll frequently respond to their tweets when she reposts them, while maintaining her sense of humor, either with a few sarcastic skull emoji or with a sassy one-liner.
Lindsey's recently tweeted that she will limit her reposts to one a day, until she has 365 tweets to serve as proof of this double standard. She adds that it'd be great if she runs out of options before then, but, sadly, it looks like she still has plenty to choose from. Check out some of our favorite tweets from Lindsey below, and the next time you prepare to shut down a body-shamer, consider throwing in a joke, too — or an example of their utter hypocrisy.

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