Could This Friends-Inspired Marriage Proposal BE Any Cuter?

I'll be there for you, indeed. A London man dreamed up the perfect proposal for his Friends fanatic girlfriend, Elite Daily reports. No, it didn't involve Courteney Cox popping the question in an overpriced living room — the kind that a frequently out-of-work chef could never afford. Mitesh Jadva, 25, recreated the set from the popular sitcom's opening credits for his bride-to-be, 23-year-old Anisha Patel — right down to the couch and glowing lights. The couple settled in as a group of musicians approached, singing "I'll Be There For You." What were you expecting, "Smelly Cat?" The ring soon surfaced and Patel quickly said yes. Since nobody else thought to do it, we'll step up. Clap clap clap clap clap, Mitesh. Watch the proposal video below. May their marriage last longer than all three of Ross Geller's nuptials combined.

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