Rachel Bloom Takes Down Sexist YouTube Commenters

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Rachel Bloom is now the Golden Globe-winning star of The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but she got her start making YouTube videos. And as she told Seth Meyers, YouTube is not always kind to women. In fact, when she appeared on Late Night, Bloom talked about a comment that still haunts her to this day. "And it's not even the worst one," Bloom said. "Because some of them have been like, 'You should kill yourself, you're fat, you die,' just because I'm a woman." She paused to let everyone take in the joke, which isn't really a joke. "That's what you say to women on the internet," she added. "Because fat people should die and all women..." Bloom didn't even get to finish her train of thought before shaking her head and taking a shot at what these guys are probably doing while coming up with these comments. Hint: It's with one hand. But the reason this one particular comment she got from a guy on "College in Pajamas," a video she created with a friend — she assumes it's a guy — has stuck with her five years now is that it's just so subtle. The comment? "She looks like her butt stinks." "I don't know if that means 'she looks like she has a stinky butt,' which I do," Bloom said. "As does everybody. Or if it's 'she looks like her butt stinks,' [meaning] 'she looks as bad as her butt stinks.'" Bloom admits she's gone over this with "numerous people" to figure out what the commenter might have meant. She has even thought about reaching out to the commenter, adding, "Maybe I will tonight."
One person she doesn't have trouble reading, though, is Meyers. Bloom was an intern at Saturday Night Live during Meyers' time at the show, though he admitted he didn't remember her. But she remembered him, prefacing her story with, "No one remembers when someone's pleasant to them." She then went on to tell a tale about an intern — not her — who got Meyers the wrong salad. When the intern asked if he could get Meyers another, Meyers said, "No, I guess we can work with this," before slamming the door. But Alec Baldwin did lend Bloom his car one time so she could get coffee in the snow, so there's that.

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