And The Latest Hair-Color Trend Is…

Last year brought us enough hair-color trends to last, well, a while. And it looks like rainbow hues — and their equally funky names — won't be fading away anytime soon. To wit: The latest multicolor fascination to pop up is, as the internet has dubbed it, watercolor hair. Brought to us by Vadre Grigsby, the artistic color director at Pravana, the latest phenomenon involves a blend of different pastel shades strategically placed onto bleached hair. The aim? To give off a blurred, brushstroke-like effect using the hair as a canvas. The end result is gorgeous — although nothing like a watercolor painting, in our opinion — but we think we've seen this somewhere before, just with a different name. Déjà vu aside, we have to admit the process is pretty fascinating. How do you go about mimicking the look with your own colorist? The video above lays out the steps. And don't let the name fool you: You don't need an affinity for painting to pull off this trend — though your colorist should.

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