This Might Be The Worst M&M’s Flavor Yet

First, there were Pumpkin Spice and Hot Chocolate M&M's. Now, M&M's is taking seasonal candy to a new level, with a Valentine's Day-themed flavor that sounds positively atrocious. For America's next great holiday-themed candy, we present... Strawberry Shortcake White Chocolate M&M's, which will be sold exclusively at Target. The candies are available in stores now, according to Delish, so there's no need to wait until next month to throw your New Year's resolution to the wind. And if Strawberry Shortcake White Chocolate M&M's aren't your jam, Mars is releasing a second Valentine's Day flavor, too. Strawberry Milk Chocolate M&M's will be sold exclusively at Walmart this season. According to The Impulsive Buy, the Strawberry Shortcake White Chocolate M&M's have "a light, Starburst-like strawberry sweetness." Of course, you could always just buy a pack of Starburst — or, heaven forbid, some actual strawberries. But if Starburst-tinged chocolate is your thing, by all means, stock up while you can!

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