Watch Straight Guys Try To Explain Sex With A Woman To Gay Guys

Just in case you ever wondered how a straight man would describe sex with a woman, Buzzfeed went ahead and had gay men ask them — and things got pleasantly awkward. For the video, Buzzfeed paired straight and gay men together, and then gave the gay guys free reign to ask the straight men whatever burning questions they had. Many of the queries actually stayed away from R-rated stuff, and focused more on the non-sexual experiences of living life identifying with a more privileged sexual orientation. But there were also plenty of explicit questions about the appeal of breasts, as well as the nitty-gritty of hetero sex. One man, after being prompted to describe what sex with a woman felt like, told his curious partner what it doesn't feel like: slipping on a fleece hoodie. Well, that's one way to ease into the conversation... Another straight dude told his cringing partner, "It's like warm, wet, and silky," before clarifying, "It's like that sensation of... this feels exactly right." Watch the full video in all of its uncomfortable glory below.

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