This Director Thinks Women Are Better At Making Movies Than Men

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX Shutterstock.
Ryan Coogler, the director behind Creed, has a simple idea for how to improve the film industry — hire more female filmmakers. In an interview with Variety, Coogler mentioned that Ava DuVernay, who directed Selma, is a friend. That fact acted as a segue into Coogler's opinions on how women compare to men when it comes to moviemaking.
He explained, "I feel like women are better filmmakers than men." The director continued, "In film school, life, whatever, they’re equipped to do this job, in many ways, better than us. They’re infinitely more complex than we are. Stronger and sharper. So, you know, we’re going to get better movies [if we have more female filmmakers]."
Coogler also pointed out that the way to get more of those "stronger and sharper" female filmmakers behind the camera is to simply give them the chance. In 2014, women directed only 7% of the year's highest-grossing films. Once the opportunities are there, women are bound to prove Coogler right.

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