Game Of Thrones Actor Suggests Jon Snow Is Dead

Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, and she wasn't afraid to drop hints about the HBO show's upcoming season — including addressing the question on every fan's mind.

Dormer and Kimmel's conversation was pretty GoT-specific, covering topics including the show's filming locations, and, of course the fate of one Jon Snow. "If you get stabbed that many times, you're pretty much dead," Dormer said of Kit Harington's beloved character.

Many fans are still holding out hope that Snow isn't really dead, though. And since Harington is prominently featured in a poster for season 6, there's a good chance he'll appear in the new season, at least in some capacity.

Still, his fate is anyone's guess until the show's return in April. And while Dormer is likely privy to many spoilers about the show's upcoming season, she probably knows less than you'd think. Dormer told Kimmel that she doesn't read the other characters' story lines for scenes she's not in and watches the show as it airs, just like any other fan. Watch a clip of the interview, below.

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