Does This Game Of Thrones Poster Prove Jon Snow Is Alive?

Photo Courtesy of HBO.
Jon Snow may know nothing, but Game of Thrones fans seem to know even less about Snow's fate. While many of the show's devoted viewers think (spoiler!) he's solidly deceased after being stabbed and left bleeding out in a ditch, others are convinced that by virtue of magic (or the swift application of a ton of stitches) Snow will be back for season 6.

A new official poster for the April return of GoT seems to confirm poor Snow will be a part of this upcoming season. The image features a bloody Kit Harington, and considering that Game of Thrones has approximately one million cast members, it seems odd to highlight a departed member of Westeros.

Still, the poster doesn't offer absolute confirmation that Jon Snow shouldn't be included in Game of Thrones' long, long in memoriam video. Snow doesn't look too alert in the picture. HBO could just be trolling us, letting us know season 6 will deal with his funeral, or that a major accident will be set in motion by his death. (Sam and Snow's siblings are not likely to take his possible demise well). We can glean at least one piece of concrete intel from the poster. With an April premiere date, fans have less than five months to wait before GoT starts serving up some answers.

Opener Photo: Picture Perfect/REX Shutterstock.

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