Possible Gilmore Girls Set Pics Appear Online

While the Gilmore Girls revival has been all but confirmed we haven’t seen any visual proof. Until now. Twitter user Clara Vinh somehow found herself backstage at what appears to be Stars Hollow and did not depart until she snapped some pictorial evidence.
And then there's this...
Although it’s not exactly Loreleai and Rory palling around or snapping repartee across a dinner table, it is a very sprightly-looking Ms. Patty’s dance studio. Oh, and is that a prop call that we spy? According to the images, there’s a prop pickup date of 1/11/16. That’s just six days from now. So maybe we’re getting four new 90-minute mini-movies or maybe the props department at Warner Bros. is doing an insanely elaborate troll. If only there were two razor-sharp women around to deconstruct this possibility for us in rapid-fire dialog and provide some valuable life lessons along the way. Anyone know a show that might fit that description?

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