Alicia Vikander Talks About The Time Ryan Gosling Made Her Cry

Alicia Vikander, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in The Danish Girl, is proving the truism that "celebs are just like us." Because much as it did every other person with a heart and working tear ducts, 2010's Blue Valentine left her in tears.
Vikander at least avoided the awkward feeling of seeing a movie about a crumbling relationship with a significant other. She attended the film as one of the only single people in the audience. And when Ryan Gosling whipped out his ukulele, she was done for.
"I just wanted to be in there, and in that, right then," the actress explained to W magazine. "And it got to me even more because I knew it was going to take another turn quite soon."
Obviously, she went in knowing a major spoiler, but that was probably for the best. Sometimes a spoiler is the difference between Ryan Gosling's failed romance making you cry and Ryan Gosling's failed romance making you sob. Watch the interview with Vikander, below.

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