Selena Gomez Is “Beyond Done” Talking About Justin Bieber In 2016

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This year, Selena Gomez would like to stop talking about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, which really means she'd like everyone to stop asking her about him. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, a reporter for the magazine asked her about Bieber's "My Girl" serenade right before the American Music Awards, and Gomez politely replied that she is "beyond done" discussing the Biebz. "Well, I am sorry, first of all," she said. "And honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him." That "sorry" isn't a clever nod to her famous ex's latest hit, it's more like Gomez admitting she's #sorrynotsorry about putting her foot down on the Bieber talk. Even if it is much to the dismay of fans who still thought Jelena had a chance. The 23-year-old pop star certainly has every right to be fed up with the topic, since she never wanted her career to be a tabloid story and still can't seem to escape questions regarding Bieber — even while promoting her 2015 album, Revival. Though, she has become quite adept at handling the subject. When the magazine asked how she feels about the assumption that her song "Same Old Love" is about a certain relationship of hers, Gomez cleverly found away to answer without naming names. "It's a song about a cycle, a cycle that people understand. It drives you mad, but it's beautiful," she said. "People have seen most of the choices that I've made in my life. And I love every choice that I've made. Because now I understand how to apply that to my music. This is who I am. I'm glad my life was never perfect." Gomez did offer one final word on Bieber and his recent public outpouring of affection for her, from belting out a karaoke serenade to posting throwback photos of the two on Instagram. "I don't alter my life because of what people are going to talk about," she said. "If I go [to the AMAs] and have a great time, I live my life and nothing is going to dictate how I feel unless I let it." Here's to a Bieber-free 2016 for Selena Gomez.

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