The 31 Greatest Insults Ever Uttered On Downton Abbey

This past Sunday brought us two very important things. First, it was the last day of complete irresponsibility before launching into the first work week of 2016. And second, it delivered to us the first episode of Downton Abbey’s last season — and boy, was it a doozy. (Not that we’re about to spoil anything, so don’t you worry.)
But between the quiet sorrow of Anna and Bates, the newfound romance of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes — er, Carson, and any/all drama surrounding the future of the estate, it’s hard to keep perspective. I mean, yes, the PBS Masterpiece series has given us our share of heartbreak, stress-crying, and a hairstyle only O’Brien could pull off, but it also set the bar for serious shade.
Ultimately, every episode of Downton Abbey delivers cutting dialogue not even Regina George could come up with. Weaved between class-based drama, love-based drama, and sibling-based drama (lots of #drama) are sharp one-liners and eye rolls that convey everything we’ve been thinking, while simultaneously fueling our own attitude-centric life goals.
And of course, two women are at the center of it all. Thanks to zingers and GTFO expressions from the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) and Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery), Downton Abbey is a social-filter-free mecca built on telling it like it is. And this, in hopes that they don’t release their truth bombs on us, is our tribute to both of them.

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