Blake Lively Admits To Watching Old Gossip Girl Episodes

Man. Blake Lively really is just like you. Well, you plus a designer wardrobe, fabulous hair, and the official status of Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.

Proving that old habits die hard, the actress admitted on Instagram that even she can't resist a little Gossip Girl marathon. She's only human, after all.

Lively shared a retro snap from the show on Instagram last night, using the opportunity to poke fun at Chace Crawford's old hairstyle.

"This 2007 style is the true Miracle On 34th Street," she quipped. "Only @chacecrawford could pull it off. (Yes. I came across the first episode last night. And watched the whole damn thing. But don't tell ANYONE!)"

Good luck with that.

Wouldn't it be just peachy if she started live-tweeting the entire Gossip Girl series? After that Dan Humphrey reveal, we fans feel like we're owed.

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