High School Guys Nail Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock” Routine

PHOTO: Moviestore Collection/REX Shutterstock
These mean guys' performance of the Mean Girls "Jingle Bell Rock" routine was so fetch, we imagine even Regina George couldn't help but agree. Four high school boys from Lavaca High School in Arkansas decided to recreate the classic Plastics Christmas routine in front of their schoolmates. And as Cosmopolitan pointed out, they totally nailed it. Not only did they painstakingly recreate the costumes and choreography, they made sure that one of them pulled off a Gretchen Wieners-style boombox mishap, which resulted in a music malfunction mid-routine. Without missing a beat, the auditorium chimed in, singing along with the all-male Santa's Little Helpers — when they weren't cracking up with laughter, that is. It's all pretty uncanny, as you'll see from the following side-by-side renditions. All we have left to say is: You go, Glen Coco!

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